Pain is not life

Life is pain. That’s what some believe and in some ways it’s true, especially for me right now. The past couple of weeks I have experienced acute pain in my back. It is likely a combination of physical and emotional stresses. As if getting up at 6am isn’t hard enough already, but I have had spasms in my back every morning. The only thing that made getting out of bed worth it was that the pain meds were downstairs and I had to walk to get them. After a week of “ouch ouch ouch” my partner said, “Ummm… maybe you … Keep reading

When Stess & Anxiety levels go up, Training goes down

I have noticed over the last couple of years of hard training that when my stress levels are high, I am not motivated at all to train. Generally, after I train I feel much better, but it is so hard to get out and do it. Now that I have made this connection, hopefully it will help me to keep my training levels up no matter what my anxiety and stress levels. I can’t help but wonder, though, if it is a body or mind response. Or maybe it’s both… they are connected, after all. I am going to try … Keep reading

The Earth will keep Revolving Around the Sun despite my Ironman Time

I had a rough night last night and my anxiety levels were very high. This morning I woke up feeling like I had just been hit by a bus, not unlike what Michael Rasmussen must be feeling today as he watches his fellow cyclists leave him behind. I watched the Tour de France this morning, but was vibrating the whole time. My heart-rate was elevated even though I was not spinning my legs on the bike, pumping my arms up a hill, or slicing my arms through the water. I am working on a post about my anxiety and its … Keep reading