Hills shmills, how about this wind?

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: hills are a walk in the park compared to the prairie wind! This morning I embarked on my first outdoor ride of the season. That’s right, it’s April 18th and I’m riding outside for the first time this spring. It’s just the way it is all the way up here in Saskatchewan. The snow isn’t even all gone. I met my training buddies and we headed due south, directly into a head-wind. We planned it that way. It’s the best way to plan a ride so that you can have … Keep reading

A Saturday Morning Simu-Ride

Getting up at 6am on a Saturday is not generally my idea of a good time, but when one is training for Ironman it just has to be done. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one and met 9 other people to get together for a 3-hour ride. One of the guys in the club has the Ironman Coeur d’Alene bike course on his CompuTrainer. So while one person road the course (this morning it was my buddy Peter), the rest of us watched the profile of the course as well as the video of the actual route that was projected … Keep reading

Train hard or go home

Last night I got home from work exhausted and ready for bed. However, I mustered my way through making a stirfry with quinoa and had some time to hang out by myself. Somehow I got recharged enough to do my 1-hour of intervals bike workout. I used Sex and the City as incentive to get me on the trainer last night and it was quite effective. I made it through 2.25 episodes before I finished. I would say it was a successful workout. All I’m left with this week for workouts are: yoga tomorrow night, a swim with the tri … Keep reading

Swimming: I Love It!

Yesterday in the pool, I felt very strong. I did the workout my coach had set out: 300m choice 2 x 900m (100m flutter kick, 200m back stroke, 300m freestyle, 200m breast stroke, 100m flutter kick) 200m choice TOTAL: 2300m I do believe my coach is torturing by making me do 200m of back stroke without anything in between. I always get dizzy and am completely paranoid about hitting my head, especially at the pool that I swim in at lunch time. The pool lanes are crooked to the ceiling beams and they don’t have flags to mark the 5m-from-the-wall … Keep reading

Not Runner’s Knee

Every once in a while during my training, I used to get occasional knee pain that I always attributed to “runner’s knee,” which is technically patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). However, the past 6 months have told me that my most recent knee pain is different. My iliotibial band has felt tight and the pain doesn’t start right away in the run. It waits a few kilometres in to really flare up. My RMT (ie. massage therapist) and chiropractor reluctantly agree that it’s my IT band, hips, and lower back that is causing the pain. My RMT is also my training … Keep reading


Since triathlon is a multi-sport, it’s no wonder that it draws people in that are proficient multi-taskers. This is definitely one of the reasons that I became hooked on this sport – not getting bored just training in one sport and when injured being able to do a different sport more. However, the past 4 weeks have involved more multi-tasking than even I, a seasoned multi-tasker, is comfortable with.  Unfortunately, because triathlon is my hobby that I do in my spare time, it has taken a bit of a back seat to a high quantity of hours traveling for work, … Keep reading

The “Farmer’s Snot”

While commuting to work by bicycle, it occurred to me that I have accumulated a skill I never even thought about as an actual skill before: the “farmer’s snot.” Apparently, in some places they call it the farmer’s blow, but it all means the same thing: A farmer’s snot is blowing one’s nose onto the ground by plugging one nostril and blowing the other one as hard as you can; then one repeats this with the other nostril. The result is barely any snot left at all – just enough to wipe on the back of one’s hand/bike glove (in … Keep reading

Let the Countdown Begin

At 3:30 today, it was at least 30oC (close to 40 with the humidex) and the wind was strong (26 to 37km/hr), but I made sure to get on my bike and get in a ride. Ironman is less than a month away and I know that I should be tapering, but I’m not quite ready. Well, maybe I already am, but it’s mostly by accident. There are many things going on with me right now and it is inhibiting my training in a major way. However, I still feel ready for the race and can’t wait for August 26th … Keep reading

Recovering is so much fun!

Last week was my recovery week from the Half IM and I have to admit that I loved every minute of it! I slept in, went for walks, and biked slowly to work. I went to a concert and I watched movies with my family. It was glorious! At the same time, I feel even more inspired to continue the building period of my training. So this week has been about getting back into the swing of training. It’s funny how I miss something only when I haven’t done it in a while. I’ve also changed my schedule to include … Keep reading

Balance shmalance

I know it has been almost a month since my last update. There really is no excuse. However, I guess it could be seen as I’ve been training more than putting time into the internet… and I have. I have been in emotional turmoil about the upcoming Iron(wo)man and considered dropping out. Not because I couldn’t do it, but because of the anxiety that I have felt surrounding it. Alas, I decided to suck it up and push on. So that’s what I’m doing. I have a whole list of bike ride times that I’ll put at the bottom and … Keep reading