Long rides are great!

Friday night I was lame. All of my friends were out dancing and I was at home sulking at the fact that I was getting up at 6am to go riding. I love it and hate it at the same time. On Saturday morning at 6:30am there is almost no traffic, the sun was shining, the air was a little nippy, but it felt good. I did a good 70km at a good pace:Distance: 69.65kmTime: 2:46:47Avg speed: 25.1km/hrMax: 39.9We had a head- to cross-wind coming back, but I had a ride back to the city which was nice. I used … Keep reading

The Wind

In Penticton, the wind is a prairie myth. On the prairies, it can be a cyclists best friend or worst nightmare. Yesterday, it was a little of both. That’s what a cross- to head-wind can be. As I cycled out to meet my friend (thank goodness for Heather as my motivator!), I couldn’t help but think about how painful it was. After back-to-back runs Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, my thighs were rubbery. They felt like stopping, they begged me to stop. My stomach was growling and wanted actual food instead of the sports drink I was drinking. My mind … Keep reading

Biking is fun!

Training inside on the trainer is like torture to me. I feel lethargic and I don’t really care. I find it hard to do intervals because I have no incentive. There’s no downhill, there’s no wind at my back. Thank goodness for outdoor training!!! This weekend I hope to get in a good 60 to 80km ride. For the past couple of Tuesdays I’ve been doing some hills on Highway #5 because it feels so good. I even have a friend to do it with! I quickly jotted down my stats from last week and I did it this week … Keep reading

Going Long

I can’t believe it has been so long since I updated. Sometimes blogging just slips my mind. Easter weekend was basically a write-off. Between family, moving, and relaxing, training was minimal. I did do a lot of lifting and reaching – I’m sure that can be counted as weight training. I did go on some long walks with my partner and my family’s dog, but it was really cold that weekend and it was Easter. A good time for some time off. The week after Easter was crazy. I did do some biking on my trainer, but I have been … Keep reading

It’s official… marathon #1, here I come!

For the past three or four years, I have wanted to run the Saskatoon marathon. For a mish-mash of reasons, it has not happened. One year I had a stress fracture in my foot, one year I chose mountain biking over running (which I will do most days of the week), and other various reasons. However, I have decided that this is my year. The run of Ironman scares me the most, so I figure why not curb that fear by torturing myself with a marathon first? I mean, so what if it will be my first running race since … Keep reading

Wilderness in the city

This morning I went for a good half hour run along the river. It felt great, like I hadn’t missed 3 weeks! My base must be really great for me to just be able to do 3 km in half an hour. My lungs now feel completely oxygenated and my mind is completely clear. I’m ready to get working! On my run, I realized how wonderful it is to run in the light. Dawn was just breaking when I headed out and the sun was fully out by the time I got home. How wonderful!!! As I was 3/4 done … Keep reading