Training hard or hardly training?

My absence on this blog goes through my mind often when I’m biking outside on the highway. Sometimes I will see the deer prancing beside me in a field and I think, “I should blog about that!” By the time I get home, eat, ice my legs, and have a nice shower I have completely forgotten about it. Plus I’m exhausted! This spring has been AMAZING for training. The warmth and dryness is terrible for the farmers, but great for the cyclists. I have biked more in the March and this first part of April more than I did all … Keep reading

Fear is holding me back

This morning I was in the pool with my training buddies and we were talking about the half marathon race coming up this weekend. It dawned on me when I did the 10K that I was going to do a half marathon and I was not ready! No, I was not. To be honest, I was not in my right mind when I signed up for the race. My mental health has made life a bit of a struggle for me over the past few month. However, I had an up-swing and signed up for both the 10K and the … Keep reading

Coach’s advice

I had a meeting with my coach on Wednesday about the GWN Half IM and about this weekend’s race. Basically, he told me to go out this weekend and push as hard as I can on the swim and bike. Ie. To race like there is no run. I’m kind of excited for it, actually. It’s been a while since I pushed myself hard just to see what happens. My training hasn’t been super stellar, so I don’t expect a PB or anything, but it’ll be fun! Although, it will also hurt at the time. Maybe I’ll get a good … Keep reading