My November Challenge

Every month I set up a money budget. I don’t follow it to the penny, but it gives me a sense of control and understanding of my spending habits. It helps me to plan ahead. I’ve been following my budget for over a year and it has reduced my life stress by a lot. Last week I was thinking about my training schedule and it occurred to me to make a time budget. For a few years now I have felt like I don’t use my time wisely and my theory is that it’s because I don’t allot enough of it … Keep reading


The past week I have been doing some meditation as part of my centering of myself. I used to meditate regularly, but after a bizarre and awful experience I stopped. That was over 2 years ago. In December I went to a Buddhist temple for a 9-course vegan meal, which was amazing. They have it every month and I intend to go every month. They had some material on Buddhism, so I picked some up. One thing that is key in Buddhism is discipline in your life and the acceptance that living is suffering and that with life comes death. … Keep reading