Before starting a training program, it’s important to know where an athlete is at. You have to get a benchmark of her fitness level. This brings me to my own benchmark of fitness. In the last 5 months I have gained 12 pounds, have went on a few bike rides, ran a handful of times, swam not at all, did not race, and walked a few times. Obviously my fitness level is not going to be very high. In the last 10 years of training and racing I have learned that there are times when a person needs a break. In … Keep reading

Ouch… DOMS takes over

Since I’ve been back into training, over the past4 weeks or so, I have been experiencing a lot of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Since I don’t usually work out for this long at a stretch – at least I haven’t in quite a while – I am not sure if this is going to be a constant thing or if it will go away. I sure hope it goes away. My upper back is incredibly sore, my thighs, calves, and IT bands burn, and even my arms are sore. I’ve went for a couple of massages, but I think … Keep reading

Active Recovery and Food

On Monday I biked to work in a snow/rain storm in the name of active recovery. I knew that I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything more than that after work. On Tuesday, I took my pup for a much-needed walk in the morning and then for a nice, chilled out run/walk in the evening. I realized on this walk/run that this was what active recovery felt like! And I have to admit that on Wednesday morning, my DOMS (ie. delayed onset muscle soreness) felt much better. My massage later that day also helped! It probably also helped that … Keep reading

The Morning After

Last night I started to fade very quickly around 8:00. I knew that today would not be easy. Oh, how I underestimated myself! It’s all great to write a race report RIGHT AFTER THE RACE, but the next day when the DOMS (ie. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) starts to set in and I realize that maybe I didn’t have as much left in my legs after all, the whole experience has become a lot less rosy. I awoke without much problem, but as soon as I moved, I had shooting pains up from my upper back and neck into my … Keep reading


I discovered yesterday that sitting in a car for two hours while driving for work does not help the delayed onset muscle soreness (ie. DOMS) from a run the day before. Yesterday, however, that was what I did. My legs have been sore since Tuesday – my hamstrings, groin, hip-flexors, butt, quads. The whole shebang. My engine and everything around it. The only time my legs weren’t sore was this morning when I did half an hour of easy running on the treadmill at my hotel. It really is amazing how getting the blood flowing can make sore legs feel … Keep reading