Procrastination Challenge

My November Time Management Challenge started out really well last week. It went out the window on Thursday. Yes, it lasted 3 days. I’m not discouraged, though. I know that this will be a constant work in progress. Procrastination is my biggest hurdle. When I feel tired or drained or sore, which was the case last week after my friend tortured me at a circuit training we did on Tuesday (actually, Thank You Julie!), I have a difficult time getting off of my chair. So my bike is still sitting in pieces in my workout room. I moved it out of … Keep reading

Excuses, Excuses

This post was inspired by a recent article from that I didn’t particularly like. Making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle and workout is not always an easy one to make it. It is not until the choice is made that it will happen. The excuses that people (myself included) make are part of not making the choice. I have also outlined some of my own excuses I use to get out of a workout. Continue reading Keep reading