Flipping Out

Sometimes when I am doing my continuous swim my mind wanders. It is one of my struggles of long-distance swimming in the pool. La-la-land is easy to reach and thoughts float in and out of my mind. Recently a swim started up the debate around flip turns. It is a debate that triathletes and triathlete coaches have on a fairly regular basis. Personally, I do flip turns. To be perfectly honest I started doing flip turns because I thought they looked cool and made me look like a pro. Since I’m nowhere near a fabulous swimmer, at least I look … Keep reading


Last week I had a familiar feeling in my foot – a bad familiar feeling. A feeling of pain. A feeling not unlike the pain I had last summer after Ironman, but even before that I felt it a few years back when I was a young triathlete. A young triathlete who over-trained and got a stress fracture in her foot. It was a long and arduous recovery process. I didn’t run for 4 months, but I sure did swim and bike! However, last week I felt a similar pang. It was in a different spot and the pain was … Keep reading