Team 50km Ultra Marathon Race Review

Yesterday my training buddies, MellowJohnny and SpeedyK, and I ran together in a team effort for Saskatoon’s 50km Ultra Marathon event. It’s a great fall season event and it was really lots of fun! The three of us had had many discussions about who would take which “leg” of the race. We didn’t know the distances when the discussion began, so we tentatively set it at me doing the first, SpeedyK doing the second, and MellowJohnny doing the third. It ended up going exactly like that! This meant that I would take the longest leg at 17.4km, SpeedyK would take … Keep reading

The off-season begins

I hadn’t realized it has been so long since I last updated. Basically, the week after my DNF race was very difficult for me. I did some soul-searching and thinking about my 2008 season and my future in triathlon. It was good and I’m glad that I am still positive about my upcoming 7th season as a triathlete. I love this sport like mad. The only thought that continues to come back into my head is that this was my last race before Ironman next June. I will have to overcome that thought in the upcoming 9 months. I discovered that my … Keep reading