Farewell December!

December is always a difficult month to be motivated to train. It is busy with parties and family gatherings, not to mention buying presents and preparing for the holiday season. This December I was working in retail and it was BUUUUSY! Also, I had two clients have babies in the early part of the month and it really messed up my sleep schedule. Both births went really well with minor complications and both moms and babies are happy and healthy after their natural birth. I did manage to get in the odd run thanks to my good friend, Kelly. She … Keep reading

Things that Get in the Way of Training for Ironman

As I was laying in bed, listening to my alarm clock sound at 5:30am I couldn’t help but swear at the Triathlon Gods who have cursed me to love this f-ing sport. I promptly turned off the alarm clock, swore at the Pool Gods, and slept for another hour and a half. When I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 7am, I thought about the “things” that get in my way of training. 1) Weather – it is currently -30 degrees Celsius. How, praytell, am I supposed to run for 15km (1.5 hours)?!? Sweat starts to freeze after … Keep reading

A quick update

The holidays were great for my mind and soul, but bad for my training. It comes as no surprise, really. So last week I started getting back into it with some walk-runs and short bike rides. This week is building on that and next week I will be in full swing. Here is what it looked like:Monday: short run-walk, bike to workTuesday: 4km run-walk, bike to work + 40km bike rideThursday: 5km run-walk, bike to work + mountain bike riding (climbing and descending)Friday: yoga and bike to workSunday: longish run-walk (8km) I’m hoping to find a way to incorporate my … Keep reading