This week was one of recovering. I wasn’t just recovering from running the race, but also from being so cold. My core body just doesn’t seem to want to get warm. I don’t think I was hypothermic at the race on Sunday, but I think it has affected my body’s ability to regulate its temperature since then. Since the race I have been re-thinking my goal to do the Saskatchewan Marathon at the end of May. It’s not so much that I don’t think I can train for the race, it’s the recovery time after. This past week has been … Keep reading

Not so bad

This past week I felt like I did nothing… like I had been slacking off. It is true that I didn’t work as much as I have or as much as I expected myself to. One reason for this is that I signed up for a 3-evening Buddhist retreat. I have been really getting into Buddhism lately and the “retreat” that was a combination of meditation and a talk by a monk who lives in a monastery in California. It was a great retreat, but it was pretty exhausting. I tried to get in training in the morning, but I … Keep reading

An Easy Week

Having fun on the trainer!

Last week somehow turned into a rest week. I guess it makes sense after the week before’s pummeling of my body. On Sunday after the swim it kind of shut down. I could feel myself lagging in the water. I felt ill. Somehow I made it through the swim and spent the rest of the day on the couch. Actually, I spent Monday there too (other than going to work). I thought I had the flu that was going around, but since it didn’t turn into anything more than an upset stomach and sore muscles I guess it was “just” soreness from … Keep reading

The Dreaded Trainer: Week 1

Last week was my first week becoming re-acquainted with my dreaded bike wind trainer. I haven’t put my bike on it for about a year and a half, after taking last winter off completely. On Wednesday I had my first indoor bike session of the 17-weeks to Spring coached program that I’m taking and coaching (on Thursdays). In this program we bring our own bikes and wind trainers. The worst part is transporting the bike and the wind trainer from far to building and up a huge flight of stairs. I know that it’ll get easier, but last week was … Keep reading

Ouch… DOMS takes over

Since I’ve been back into training, over the past4 weeks or so, I have been experiencing a lot of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Since I don’t usually work out for this long at a stretch – at least I haven’t in quite a while – I am not sure if this is going to be a constant thing or if it will go away. I sure hope it goes away. My upper back is incredibly sore, my thighs, calves, and IT bands burn, and even my arms are sore. I’ve went for a couple of massages, but I think … Keep reading

First week back – I’m ready!

This past week is my first official week back at training. I’m already talking incessantly about my protein intake and having dreams of racing. Last night I dreamed that the end of a half Ironman was really confusing and I kept getting lost. Just before the finishing line I had to run by a cliff and Caillou (my running buddy and canine companion) fell down and was hanging on by the least. I really wanted to finish the half marathon in 2:30, and I was close, so I swung him back onto the trail and we kept going. Oh, dreams, … Keep reading