Team 50km Ultra Marathon Race Review

Yesterday my training buddies, MellowJohnny and SpeedyK, and I ran together in a team effort for Saskatoon’s 50km Ultra Marathon event. It’s a great fall season event and it was really lots of fun! The three of us had had many discussions about who would take which “leg” of the race. We didn’t know the distances when the discussion began, so we tentatively set it at me doing the first, SpeedyK doing the second, and MellowJohnny doing the third. It ended up going exactly like that! This meant that I would take the longest leg at 17.4km, SpeedyK would take … Keep reading

Running in Relationships

My boyfriend, MellowJohnny, and I decided to do a team relay with my bestie, SpeedyK, for the upcoming 50km Saskatoon Ultra Marathon. We thought it would be fun to train for something together and it would keep us accountable to our “team.” Sure enough, all three of us have kept true to our plan of running at least twice a week and doing our long runs with all three of us. It’s funny how making it a team effort has made us all commit just a little bit more. I am the first to admit that I’m not the fastest … Keep reading

Reflections on the 2009 season

The past two racing seasons have been challenging ones, both physically and mentally. I felt due for a great season after 2008’s disappointing one. While I did have some great races and overcame some great hurdles, I feel a little disappointed about not having completed my second Ironman race. The season started out really fun with some short-distance races. They were hard and so much faster than the pace I was used to training at. But they were really fun. I enjoyed them a lot and feel like it might be interesting to focus on short-distance sometime. As Ironman Coeur … Keep reading

100th post!

So after BRAGGING that I hadn’t missed a workout yet this week, I missed a workout last night. I was tired and actually fell asleep against my wishes after supper. I was in no mood to hit my dreaded trainer. Even watching “Sex and the City” didn’t inspire me to get on my trainer. The biking has definitely suffered this week. I need to love my trainer. Tonight I’m going to make up this missed workout by getting in a session after work and before yoga. I hope my coach doesn’t yell at me! (Just kidding) Also, I noticed the … Keep reading

Ironman advice

So I subscribe to many online ‘zines about triathlon. The one I got today from Trifuel is a really good one on racing for Ironman. I tried to transport myself to a year ago when I was starting on my training plan and thinking about what this article would have done for me. I don’t honestly think I would have known what it was talking about, but now that I’ve been through it I can really appreciate the advice given. So I thought I’d add the four keys that they talk about and add my comments. The whole article is … Keep reading

Life after Ironman

The day after Ironman was intense. I awoke at 9:30am to pain. Every molecule of my body screamed in pain, even my hair. I whispered to Luke to wake up and he asked me how I felt and I winced a smile. I hurt. A lot. Even more than I thought I would. I slowly got up and shuffled my way around the room. By the time I got dressed, Luke had already made oatmeal. It was demoralizing how slow I moved… we named it the “Ironman shuffle.” The family that we stayed with made us a wonderful vegan lunch … Keep reading