Time Flies

I can’t believe it has been a month since I have updated this. In my head, while I’m training, I keep thinking, “*Subject* would be a great thing to write about,” but then it leaves my head as soon as my workout is done. The biggest reason/excuse for not updating this blog is because I have been seriously lacking in time and motivation to blog. In the past month, I have been going through some emotional turmoil about an ended relationship and a friend who decided to take his own life. This has left me reeling a bit and has … Keep reading

100th post!

So after BRAGGING that I hadn’t missed a workout yet this week, I missed a workout last night. I was tired and actually fell asleep against my wishes after supper. I was in no mood to hit my dreaded trainer. Even watching “Sex and the City” didn’t inspire me to get on my trainer. The biking has definitely suffered this week. I need to love my trainer. Tonight I’m going to make up this missed workout by getting in a session after work and before yoga. I hope my coach doesn’t yell at me! (Just kidding) Also, I noticed the … Keep reading