Long Training Day Review

Prior to the race a local photographer, Bob Holtsman, promised me he would make me look good when he took my photo on the course. Sure enough, he did!

The night before the Frank Dunn Triathlon my sweetie asked me why I kept calling it a “training day.” I explained that it’s because it wasn’t a race. It wasn’t a race with myself or anyone else. My expectations were so low I literally just wanted to get it done. Since I haven’t done any races in three years it felt like I was starting all over. In the spirit of starting over, this was my first long brick workout. Here’s how it went. Pre-training day: There was some stress a couple of days before and I had been having … Keep reading

Weekend Recipes!

Two pancakes with Becel Vegan margarine and maple syrup. Delicious!

Last week I made a wonderful meal of steamed veggies (peppers, onions, and spinach) on top of quinoa with a simple tahini dressing/sauce (tahini, garlic, Bragg’s). It was delicious when warm and then the next day for lunch when it was cold. Last weekend I made some delicious dahl from my new Forks Over Knives cookbook that I got from my sister for Christmas (Thanks Ash!). I was planning to make home-made naan to go with the dahl, but I got lazy and had a double lentil meal with some lentil rolls a friend randomly gave to me earlier that … Keep reading

An Easy Week

Having fun on the trainer!

Last week somehow turned into a rest week. I guess it makes sense after the week before’s pummeling of my body. On Sunday after the swim it kind of shut down. I could feel myself lagging in the water. I felt ill. Somehow I made it through the swim and spent the rest of the day on the couch. Actually, I spent Monday there too (other than going to work). I thought I had the flu that was going around, but since it didn’t turn into anything more than an upset stomach and sore muscles I guess it was “just” soreness from … Keep reading