Long Training Day Review

Prior to the race a local photographer, Bob Holtsman, promised me he would make me look good when he took my photo on the course. Sure enough, he did!

The night before the Frank Dunn Triathlon my sweetie asked me why I kept calling it a “training day.” I explained that it’s because it wasn’t a race. It wasn’t a race with myself or anyone else. My expectations were so low I literally just wanted to get it done. Since I haven’t done any races in three years it felt like I was starting all over. In the spirit of starting over, this was my first long brick workout. Here’s how it went. Pre-training day: There was some stress a couple of days before and I had been having … Keep reading

Half Ironman Race Report

This morning I am sitting here stiff, sore, and injured (both emotionally and physically). Yesterday’s race was great… up until the run. It started out the night before the race when I went to bed early, in the campground that we paid way too much money for, and was woken up by fireworks only one hour later. It proceeded from there: parties, bad music, dogs, people screaming, and a huge thunderstorm. At 3am my partner got up and went to yell at some people partying. He came back saying, “I’m a good support person.” Yes, he is. So after only … Keep reading