Procrastination Challenge

My November Time Management Challenge started out really well last week. It went out the window on Thursday. Yes, it lasted 3 days. I’m not discouraged, though. I know that this will be a constant work in progress. Procrastination is my biggest hurdle. When I feel tired or drained or sore, which was the case last week after my friend tortured me at a circuit training we did on Tuesday (actually, Thank You Julie!), I have a difficult time getting off of my chair. So my bike is still sitting in pieces in my workout room. I moved it out of … Keep reading


Over the past two days I took a cycling coaching course that helps coach prepare athletes to race at different levels. It was a really interesting course and one that reminded me of what I’m not doing in my training, which is structured interval training. I have definitely done SOME interval training, but not nearly as much as I should. Considering that I’m getting into my Specific Preparation Phase of my training schedule, my goal is to include some intervals in my training both on the bike and on running. I already do them in my swimming because swimming is … Keep reading