Moe’s Triathlon Race Report

This morning was Saskatoon’s and my first actual triathlon of the season. It was a spring/super-sprint race and they actually had to turn people away because it was so full. This is my first time doing this race and even though I’m training for Ironman I thought it would be fun to do a short one to get me back into the mode of racing. I haven’t done a race since last August so it was a good decision. Plus, I had heard that it was a really fun race and super chill. And indeed, it was! The guys started … Keep reading

Race Report: Brain Freeze 10km race!

This afternoon I ran my first 1okm race ever. Last spring I participated in my first running race ever. Running has never been my strong leg in a triathlon and races generally inspire me to get better. So I thought I’d sign up for a few races to try to inspire myself to get going with the running. As long as I stay injury-free, I’m happy. Side note: I haven’t checked my Garmin yet, so all of this is based on how I felt. The race started out pretty good. The start of a run is so different from a … Keep reading

There’s a First Time for Everything

After my coach and I met last week, I was fully ready for my race yesterday. The day before the race was great: I went for a swim and discovered the lake was not as cold as I thought it would be and that I felt great. I went for a short bike ride with my partner in crime and did some running fartleks with my puppy right after. My pre-race routine felt great. I also had a nap, read my book, and hung out with my family. It was a great day. Sunday morning started early at 5am with … Keep reading

Half Ironman Race Report

This morning I am sitting here stiff, sore, and injured (both emotionally and physically). Yesterday’s race was great… up until the run. It started out the night before the race when I went to bed early, in the campground that we paid way too much money for, and was woken up by fireworks only one hour later. It proceeded from there: parties, bad music, dogs, people screaming, and a huge thunderstorm. At 3am my partner got up and went to yell at some people partying. He came back saying, “I’m a good support person.” Yes, he is. So after only … Keep reading

Race Report: Spin off Spadina @ Pike Lake, Saskatchewan, June 15, 2008

While picking up my race package on Thursday night, I noticed some lonely wetsuits hanging up on the Saskatoon Tri Club clothes rack. So inquired and discovered that they had been given to the club and they were selling them at an extremely low cost. It was mentioned to me that a new wetsuit would probably be a good idea, considering mine is a waterskiing wetsuit from many years ago that I acquired for free from an acquaintance of mine 6 years ago. I tried it on and the size small Orca Sonar wetsuit fit me perfectly! Just having my … Keep reading

Pain is temporary, Ironman is forever!

Ironman Canada Race Report – August 26, 2007Penticton, British Columbia, Canada The morning started bright and early at 4am, but it definitely wasn’t bright outside. Luke made me some oatmeal while I made sure I had all of my Special Needs bags and a couple of last-minute details for my bike. The day before I had checked my bike and my transition bags, which took a lot of pressure off for the morning of the race. At 5:00, we headed down the hill from our host’s house to find a parking spot. There were so many nervous people driving around, … Keep reading

Race Report: The Great White North Triathlon in Stony Plain on July 1, 2007

Two years ago I embarked on the Half Iron(wo)man in Stony Plain because it was recommended to me by my training partner and friend, Maybel. We did the race and I had a blast. It was my first long-distance triathlon and was by far the hardest triathlon I had ever done. It was at this race that the idea of a full Iron(wo)man popped into my head. Maybel had done Ironman Canada and she is one of those people that liked to push me a little bit towards these crazy goals. Luckily, I am very receptive as a goal-oriented person. … Keep reading