Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Ok. So I know that ice cream doesn’t really fall into the category of what a vegan triathlete should eat, but sometimes it’s nice to have a treat or reward of some kind. My attention was brought to this homemade vegan ice cream blog by the vegan pictures community on Livejournal. Somebody posted a picture of some mint chocolate chip soy ice cream and it made me so jealous… mint chocolate chip was my favorite type of ice cream when I wasn’t vegan, but I haven’t eaten it since I turned vegan (and probably for a while before that). So … Keep reading

Flaming “Buffalo” Wings

There has been lots of talk at my place about vegan barbecues and the “politics” around being so exclusionary, but we’re going ahead with it anyway. This is a recipe that was suggested to me from Flaming ‘Buffalo Wings’ These extra spicy “wings” will be a hit at potlucks and football parties or on poker night. 1/4 cup vegan margarine 1/4-1/2 cup hot sauce (try Texas Pete brand) Tabasco sauce, to taste Pepper, to taste Garlic powder, to taste 1/2 cup flour 1/2 tsp. paprika 1/4 tsp. cayenne 1/4 tsp. salt Vegetable oil sufficient for frying 1 pkg. Chickette … Keep reading

BLACKENED TOFUYields 4 to 6 servings The melted butter is essential in this for the right flavor as are the powdered garlic and onions. Because of the extreme heat and volatility of the spices, it’s best to cook blackened anything out-of-doors or under a good fan. 2 1-pound blocks Chinese-style firm tofu Salt1 Tbsp. sweet paprika1 tsp. onion powder1 tsp. garlic powder½ to 1 tsp. cayenne to taste¾ tsp. ground white pepper¾ tsp. black pepper½ tsp. dried thyme½ tsp. dried oregano6-8 Tbsp. butter, melted (preferably clarified) Cut the tofu into slabs about ½ inch thick and set them on paper … Keep reading

Celine’s Stuffed Peppers

I’ve recently gotten back into cooking new and exciting vegan recipes. I’m thinking that it will inspire me to resurrect this blog. On top of that, I have been reading some vegan blogs and looking at pictures of vegan cooking and am becoming more and more inspired! Seriously, how could one NOT be inspired by this. Stuffed Bell Peppers from Celine, who I became familiar with from the Vegan Food Pics LiveJournal blog. Her recipe for the stuffed peppers is as such: Ingredients: 3 large bell peppers 1 package firm OR extra firm OR super firm tofu, drained 1 medium … Keep reading