Being Tired and Pushing Through

This week I pushed myself a bit harder than I’m used to. Not a lot, but a little. On Saturday I spent 90 minutes doing a bike workout on the trainer and I was dripping with sweat, my legs were burning and I had to use my fan. It’s been a while since I’ve done that. Realizing that I need some sort of structured workout has been a really great realization for me for indoor biking. I used to think that I’ll just put on a tv show and go. All that did, though, was make me hate the show … Keep reading

Consistently Inconsistent

Last week was a tough week. I actually wrote a blog post about being consistently inconsistent and it turned out to be a self-prophesying post. I was busy and tired and did the best that I could, but I didn’t get on my bike and I didn’t swim. I took the term “rest week” to a whole new level where I did so much resting, I did a whole lot of not much else. However, I went on my walks and I restfully recovered. This week is already off to a better start with a great swim today. This morning I … Keep reading


Before starting a training program, it’s important to know where an athlete is at. You have to get a benchmark of her fitness level. This brings me to my own benchmark of fitness. In the last 5 months I have gained 12 pounds, have went on a few bike rides, ran a handful of times, swam not at all, did not race, and walked a few times. Obviously my fitness level is not going to be very high. In the last 10 years of training and racing I have learned that there are times when a person needs a break. In … Keep reading


This week was one of recovering. I wasn’t just recovering from running the race, but also from being so cold. My core body just doesn’t seem to want to get warm. I don’t think I was hypothermic at the race on Sunday, but I think it has affected my body’s ability to regulate its temperature since then. Since the race I have been re-thinking my goal to do the Saskatchewan Marathon at the end of May. It’s not so much that I don’t think I can train for the race, it’s the recovery time after. This past week has been … Keep reading


As my training is peaking, I am acutely aware of my recovery time. Actually, I’m more aware of my legs being tired and feeling like they are not recovering. I only have two weeks left of heavy training before I *start* to taper a bit. However, I’ve had some emotional ups and downs over the past few days that I’m trying to even out. Hopefully everything starts to work together. Even though I am unemployed and training every day, I feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything that I want to do. Perhaps I’m piling on too … Keep reading

Active Recovery and Food

On Monday I biked to work in a snow/rain storm in the name of active recovery. I knew that I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything more than that after work. On Tuesday, I took my pup for a much-needed walk in the morning and then for a nice, chilled out run/walk in the evening. I realized on this walk/run that this was what active recovery felt like! And I have to admit that on Wednesday morning, my DOMS (ie. delayed onset muscle soreness) felt much better. My massage later that day also helped! It probably also helped that … Keep reading

Recovery and Race afterthoughts

Yesterday I went swimming with my training buddies and I realized that I had no muscular pain anywhere. The only problem that I had was my knee… for the whole race. My neck didn’t hurt during the bike, my ankle didn’t hurt during the run, my shoulders didn’t hurt during the swim (maybe it was because the water was so warm), and my lungs were 100%. It is for this reason that I know that I have to fully rehabilitate my knee. That is my number one goal right now. I am only going to focus on the swim and … Keep reading


I have been in recovery this week from the half marathon and the recovery was painful at first. The first half of this week was downright excruciating.  However, two trips to the chiropractor, one 1.5-hour massage, and a few yoga sessions later and I feel much better. Yesterday I went for a light swim and a minor mountain bike ride. They were both very nice. My chiropractor gave me some very good advice that I should already know: “When you start to ramp up, make sure you get more massages.” Right. Funny how one forgets something so simple as self-care … Keep reading


“When does your season start?” my chiropractor asked. “Ummm… last Sunday….” I answered. “No, you’re triathlon season.” “Oh. Mid-June.” “You’re not ready. Your lungs might be ready, but your back is not ready. Your body isn’t ready.” “I thought not,” I replied. On Sunday I ran a half marathon, my first running race of my life (other than in junior high school when I ran a 1500m race). It was a great race, but I really wasn’t ready. I knew I wasn’t ready and I knew I wasn’t going to be ready, but I did it anyway. My time was … Keep reading

I’m back!

Today I went for a run-walk and it felt really good. My feet feel good and my body was happy to be back into doing cardio workouts, even if the weather is a little on the chilly side (ie. -20 degrees Celsius). I love it when the frost collects on my eyelids and on my neck warmer. I wish I could get a picture of it, but it melts as soon as it hits the warm air of my house. After my run, I did some meditation and yoga just to let the feeling of the run sink into the … Keep reading