Race Report: SaskMarathon Half Marathon, plus 1km

Crys half marathon

Race stats: 22.2km, 2:45, 7:27min/km I can’t believe I haven’t written in my blog since February! A former training buddy, who follows this blog, sent me an email a couple of weeks ago and was hoping that I hadn’t written because I was busy training. Indeed, that is what has happened! Today I was rewarded for my hard work. Pre-Race: I had no idea what to expect going into this event. I know the pace that I had been running this year (usually with a run-walk around 8:00 min/km) and thought that I could maybe do better if I walked … Keep reading

Team 50km Ultra Marathon Race Review

Yesterday my training buddies, MellowJohnny and SpeedyK, and I ran together in a team effort for Saskatoon’s 50km Ultra Marathon event. It’s a great fall season event and it was really lots of fun! The three of us had had many discussions about who would take which “leg” of the race. We didn’t know the distances when the discussion began, so we tentatively set it at me doing the first, SpeedyK doing the second, and MellowJohnny doing the third. It ended up going exactly like that! This meant that I would take the longest leg at 17.4km, SpeedyK would take … Keep reading

Fear is holding me back

This morning I was in the pool with my training buddies and we were talking about the half marathon race coming up this weekend. It dawned on me when I did the 10K that I was going to do a half marathon and I was not ready! No, I was not. To be honest, I was not in my right mind when I signed up for the race. My mental health has made life a bit of a struggle for me over the past few month. However, I had an up-swing and signed up for both the 10K and the … Keep reading

The Morning After

Last night I started to fade very quickly around 8:00. I knew that today would not be easy. Oh, how I underestimated myself! It’s all great to write a race report RIGHT AFTER THE RACE, but the next day when the DOMS (ie. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) starts to set in and I realize that maybe I didn’t have as much left in my legs after all, the whole experience has become a lot less rosy. I awoke without much problem, but as soon as I moved, I had shooting pains up from my upper back and neck into my … Keep reading

Race Report: Brain Freeze 10km race!

This afternoon I ran my first 1okm race ever. Last spring I participated in my first running race ever. Running has never been my strong leg in a triathlon and races generally inspire me to get better. So I thought I’d sign up for a few races to try to inspire myself to get going with the running. As long as I stay injury-free, I’m happy. Side note: I haven’t checked my Garmin yet, so all of this is based on how I felt. The race started out pretty good. The start of a run is so different from a … Keep reading

Another First

Today I get to add another first to my list of “things I have done.” Today I am running my first 10km race. It’s true, I have never run a 10k race before. I have run a half marathon before, which was my only running-only race. However, I have run a marathon during Ironman. But this is my first 10k. I’m pretty excited to see how it goes. It is actually kind of a warm-up race for the half marathon that I’m doing in a couple of weeks. So my Garmin is all charged up and ready to go; my … Keep reading