Pure Bliss

This week I spent more than 12 hours in a car driving for work. The work I did was worth it, but my body felt more than lethargic. Last night when I got home, I had to muster all of my strength just to eat some food before crawling into bed. Long days do that sometimes. I had every intention of popping right out of bed and into my running shoes, but when the alarm went off and my eyes had to open, I knew it was not happening. Rest is what I needed. However, after another day in the … Keep reading

Life after Ironman

The day after Ironman was intense. I awoke at 9:30am to pain. Every molecule of my body screamed in pain, even my hair. I whispered to Luke to wake up and he asked me how I felt and I winced a smile. I hurt. A lot. Even more than I thought I would. I slowly got up and shuffled my way around the room. By the time I got dressed, Luke had already made oatmeal. It was demoralizing how slow I moved… we named it the “Ironman shuffle.” The family that we stayed with made us a wonderful vegan lunch … Keep reading

Tapering, Counting Down, and Mental Training

I honestly think that hardest part of this race is going to be the mental part. While I am pretty good at pushing myself and mentally preparing myself, this is going to be an event that is beyond anything I’ve done before. It’s so exciting. I started re-reading the chapter of Going Long that talks about mental training. Apparently at the start of a race people either think that they have not trained enough and they are going to fail or else they think that they are #1 and they are going to win their age category. I think I … Keep reading

Let the Countdown Begin

At 3:30 today, it was at least 30oC (close to 40 with the humidex) and the wind was strong (26 to 37km/hr), but I made sure to get on my bike and get in a ride. Ironman is less than a month away and I know that I should be tapering, but I’m not quite ready. Well, maybe I already am, but it’s mostly by accident. There are many things going on with me right now and it is inhibiting my training in a major way. However, I still feel ready for the race and can’t wait for August 26th … Keep reading

A quick update

The holidays were great for my mind and soul, but bad for my training. It comes as no surprise, really. So last week I started getting back into it with some walk-runs and short bike rides. This week is building on that and next week I will be in full swing. Here is what it looked like:Monday: short run-walk, bike to workTuesday: 4km run-walk, bike to work + 40km bike rideThursday: 5km run-walk, bike to work + mountain bike riding (climbing and descending)Friday: yoga and bike to workSunday: longish run-walk (8km) I’m hoping to find a way to incorporate my … Keep reading

Going Long

I can’t believe it has been so long since I updated. Sometimes blogging just slips my mind. Easter weekend was basically a write-off. Between family, moving, and relaxing, training was minimal. I did do a lot of lifting and reaching – I’m sure that can be counted as weight training. I did go on some long walks with my partner and my family’s dog, but it was really cold that weekend and it was Easter. A good time for some time off. The week after Easter was crazy. I did do some biking on my trainer, but I have been … Keep reading

I just felt like running

Tuesday I was out of town for work, so I knew that I had to get a workout in before we left at 7:30am. I woke up at 6:09 and was out the door by 6:15. It wasn’t the best for my performance, but I just wanted to get it in. I got in a good 30 minute workout. It felt great to be out in the fresh air and I’m glad I did because the weather has taken a turn to being really wet. Wet rain and snow has been coming down since last night. I didn’t get home … Keep reading

Sprinting vs. Long-distance

This Saturday I did a very sprint triathlon. It was a 500m swim in the pool, 8km on the bike, and 3km on the track – no transitions. Overall it was great, but I really noticed how different it feels to do short distances as opposed to long-distance training. It’s funny because I felt like I was hitting my stride at about lap 8 of the swim, the last kilometre of the bike, and about lap 11 of the run (although I was getting tired for the last lap because I sprinted trying to keep up with the girl in … Keep reading

Wilderness in the city

This morning I went for a good half hour run along the river. It felt great, like I hadn’t missed 3 weeks! My base must be really great for me to just be able to do 3 km in half an hour. My lungs now feel completely oxygenated and my mind is completely clear. I’m ready to get working! On my run, I realized how wonderful it is to run in the light. Dawn was just breaking when I headed out and the sun was fully out by the time I got home. How wonderful!!! As I was 3/4 done … Keep reading