Race Day!

At tonight’s Team in Training “Inspiration Dinner” we were brought in to the dining hall by cheering staff and coaches in costumes with noise-makers, pom-poms, tu-tus, and so much purple it was hard to look. I had no idea it would be like that and if I wasn’t so confused, I would have been emotional. That came later. There are 232 participants from all over North America with Team in Training. Collectively, we raised $769,000! There was a woman (who I can’t remember her job title or her name or even where she is from) who led the program, which … Keep reading

1 Day Left!

Yesterday we left Saskatoon with our Prairie Team in Training team. I’ve never done a race with 50 other people, most of them strangers. However, there a few that are quickly becoming friends. My nutrition plan is to stay as normal as possible. However, last night I went out in search of a vegan restaurant. The place I wanted to go was closed, but I’ll be heading back there for lunch. Instead, my fellow vegetarian Ashley and I headed to a Lebanese restaurant and had a wonderful meal even with DESSERT! It’s just so refreshing to go to places where … Keep reading

In Memory

Last week I was asked to send a photo in of the person I was running in honour or memory of. Of course, I am running in honour of all the people that have suffered from Leukemia and Lymphoma, especially MellowJohnny. However, I am also running in memory of a man that I never met in person. He came into my life through one of my best friend’s and he left the world and our lives before I could journey out to Vancouver to give my final approval. Before he passed away, I briefly got to talk to him on … Keep reading

Countdown: 5 Days!

The Vancouver Marathon is coming up in 5 days! After months of training and fundraising, we are almost at our goal. While MellowJohnny and my romantic relationship did not survive this endeavour, our passion for this cause remains and so does our friendship. I have learned many important things during this journey: 1. Fundraising is HARD! It is way harder than doing the training. 2. When fundraising, try to get it done as early as possible to avoid the last-minute stress. 3. Buy new shoes! My knee became very sore after my last few long runs. This was because I … Keep reading

Training hard or hardly training?

My absence on this blog goes through my mind often when I’m biking outside on the highway. Sometimes I will see the deer prancing beside me in a field and I think, “I should blog about that!” By the time I get home, eat, ice my legs, and have a nice shower I have completely forgotten about it. Plus I’m exhausted! This spring has been AMAZING for training. The warmth and dryness is terrible for the farmers, but great for the cyclists. I have biked more in the March and this first part of April more than I did all … Keep reading

Why this? Why now?

MellowJohnny really hates it when I talk to people about him having cancer. I can understand that. He’s kind of a private person and he’s shy about this awful disease that took away a big chunk of his childhood. However, the reason why I’m putting so much time and effort into this cause is not to run a marathon, but to raise money. My reasons for doing this are as follows: When Darcy’s mom was told that her 8-year-old son had a potentially fatal disease, I can’t even imagine how she felt. Leukemia. In the 1980s, it was one of … Keep reading

The Juggling Act featuring Moi

I have a little juggling act going these days. We are really pressing forward right now on fundraising because our recommitment date for the marathon is coming up on February 1st (!!!!). We would have liked to be almost done fundraising by this time, but we are far from it. Our upcoming fundraiser will be the real showing of where we are at with our fundraising commitments. The preparation for this fundraiser has been taking a lot of time lately. On top of that, MellowJohnny and I are training. You know, for this, like, marathon thing we’re doing in April. … Keep reading

“Vegan Fundraising for Cancer? Uhhh… why?”

This upcoming Friday, MellowJohnny and I are holding a fundraiser for our endeavour to run a marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We have had lukewarm reception about it being completely vegan. One co-worker said that her husband would not go “unless there is going to be steak.” Of course, since I am playing a huge part in making the food obviously I’m going to make it vegan. However, this is so much more than just my own personal choice. In the documentary “Forks over Knives” the scientists and film-makers show compelling evidence around animal protein being linked with … Keep reading

Back at It!

By “it,” I mean training AND fundraising. Oh yeah, we are still fundraising for Team in Training. We did a bottle drive last weekend and we were very successful in getting donations. Thank you to everyone who has donated! As for me, my training totally went downhill in December. I had a stomach flu for several weeks. It was really brutal and debilitating. Then, of course, the holidays came and were super hectic. With two kids in my life now, it was a lot more exciting than the last few years. Also, I am getting a new sister as my … Keep reading

“Why Bipolar People Should Not have Dinner Parties”

The title of this blog post was suggested to me by MellowJohnny. He said it in a moment of frustration at my stressing out over a fundraising dinner party I held on Sunday night. He proclaimed, “You need to write a blog called ‘Why Bipolar People Should NOT have Dinner Parties!’” We laughed about it loudly at dinner that night when a few of my best friends were sipping wine and taste-testing vegan lasagne. I thought that I would address a few sides of this statement… 1. Why bipolar people should not have dinner parties: – it causes unnecessary stress to an … Keep reading