Close to the Finish Line

Ironman is Forever

Each day is one day closer to the finish line. Each preparation step is one less thing to do. It’s hard to believe it is 2 days away from race day. I remember freaking out when it was 12 weeks away. Time didn’t stand still, it actually went by pretty slowly. There’s a meme that says, “Life is short, triathlons make it seem longer.” So true! A couple of weeks ago I raced in my last pre-Ironman race; it was a local race that I’ve done 11 times now. My race plan went exactly how I wanted it too. However, … Keep reading

Recipe: Tomato and Rice Soup

rice soup

When I cook rice and quinoa I like to cook a whole bunch at once so that I can use it in different dishes through the week. Last week I took it a bit too far and had about 4 cups of leftover cooked mixed grains of brown rice, quinoa, basmati rice and wild rice . I knew I had to use them up yesterday and decided to make a Tomato and Rice Soup. I thought maybe the grains would be too “grainy” tasting, but it actually worked out really well and added some nice texture to the soup. I don’t … Keep reading


I have a secret to disclose to everyone: I don’t like salad! I’ve been vegan for almost 12 years now and I have kept this secret until recently. There is an assumption that because someone is vegan that means they like salad. It is often used as the go-to food at a restaurant that has nothing else. “There’s nothing you can eat? Well, you can have a salad!” Blah! This week I have tried having a salad for lunch a couple of times. One day I had a salad with quinoa, grape tomatoes, and baby greens with a ginger-sesame dressing. … Keep reading

Race Report: Craven-Geneki Pike Lake Triathlon

In summary I was pretty satisfied with this race. Despite it being my worst time of ever doing the race, I was happy to get back to racing. It has inspired me to get back into training. You may be wondering what I mean by “get back into training.” I mean, aren’t I training like crazy for Ironman? The honest answer is No. I wish I could say differently, but the past 8 weeks have been a bit of a blur. I was sick with a bad cold for 3 weeks, gone away for a week, and then a difficult … Keep reading

Stay Positive, Get Faster

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I was down and out with a brutal cold for three weeks of hacking, snotting, and complete exhaustion. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult to recover from that. As each day passed, I felt like my fitness was going down down down. I tried to keep a positive mind and know that I would get it back once I was completely healed. Last week was my first full week back into training. The week before I did some shorter rides, super short runs, and super short swims. Last week I did … Keep reading

Ahhh… rest!

Resting is just as important as training and I am definitely resting today. My glutes are very tight right now. After the 13.75km run yesterday, I was a hurtin’ unit for sure. It was likely mostly due to the bike ride the day before. It wasn’t too hot for yesterday’s run at around 21 degrees Celsius, but it was very humid. We don’t have a lot of humidity in these parts of the world, but we’ve had a lot of rain the past few months. I think it’s even some kind of record. It was a good run, though. Until … Keep reading

Inspired by the Tour!

As my Twitter profile suggests, I am, indeed, back to training. Today I biked almost 60km with my training buddies, who I haven’t seen much of lately considering my lack of training. We got to catch up with each other and they waited for me after the uphills. I have not terrible cardio right now, but absolutely NO power going up the hills or against a headwind. On the flat and with a tail wind I’m not too bad. I guess this is all connected to my fast-twitch muscles and my power being compromised by my slack-assed training the past … Keep reading

Nutritional Inspiration Needed

I realized that it has been a long time since I have written about nutrition. When I examined why that is, I realized that my diet has become a rather sad state of affairs. Somehow along the way, I have lost my zest for cooking. It was probably due to my lack of time because of training and because when I’m training I want to eat NOW. So instead of opting for recipes that take longer than 15 minutes to prepare, I have been going to the easy stuff. Pasta with veggie ground round takes about 5 minutes to make. … Keep reading

Past Comments!

I just wanted to say to anyone who is reading this that has commented that I’m sorry that I haven’t replied! The emails were going to an address that I forgot I had. The situation has been rectified, though, and I will be on top of the comments from now on! Some of the comments that I just read were from a year ago… all of them were so supportive and awesome. I have to admit that I feel a little sheepish for not keeping this blog updated better. That being said, I will have more time to update the … Keep reading