Crystal’s Heartburn 101

Before I becamse vegan, I used to have chronic heartburn. I think it had a lot to do with my being lactose intolerant, more than anything else. When I went vegan, my heartburn pretty much went away. I rarely get it unless I’ve eaten a lot of greasy foods in combination with inactivity or some other very rare circumstances. So whenever I get heartburn, I can’t help but wonder what the cause of it. A couple of years ago, I swimming at a night swim with the Triathlon Club when it hit me hard. I thought I was going to … Keep reading

Bike day!

Today, I slept in due to staying up after the late-night swim last night. I worked all day, which is a workout in itself. Anyone who has served in a busy restaurant knows that being on one’s feet all day is definitely some kind of workout. My chiropractor concurs. I went and there was definitely some issues with my upper back and neck, as always. My neck is constantly in need of adjustment. Sometimes I get really bad headaches. I’ve learned to deal with them and know that they are short-lived, but it is usually my body’s way of telling … Keep reading

Let the training begin – Week 1

Today was the beginning of my new training plan. Susan, my coach, sent me my schedule for the week and, as expected, seems pretty mellow. My thighs are a little sore from the running workout I had last night, which included some sprinting. It reminded me that I haven’t sprinted in a long time and it felt really good. There really is something about pumping my arms and going as fast as I can for a short distance. I’m really built for short-distance and love the feeling of freedom I get at the max pace. Maybe one day I’ll do … Keep reading

What goes up, must come down – the law of gravity

August 26, 2006 Today I thought a lot about the law of gravity. After a slightly stressful morning with my dog attacking my cousin’s 13-year-old dog, Kathryn and I headed up to Penticton. Our mission: to check out the bike course. I was told by a friend of mine who grew up in Penticton that the bike course was brutal, but I only half-believed him because often people who don’t bike like I do overestimate the difficulty of many biking extravaganzas. However, in this case, it is true. Richter’s pass is a big one. I’ve biked in the Rockies before … Keep reading

The new year begins here… from Saskatchewan to British Columbia

August 25th, 2006 – Today’s trip started off a little rocky. After very little sleep and a whole car to pack, not to mention bikes to put on the rack, I tried to get everything together and out of the house by 6am. One hour behind already. Crap. I had to stop by work to grab my day planner, which I had forgotten the night before. Then I was off to pick up Kathryn. I can find solace in the fact that I am sure that I didn’t forget anything. There will be no repeat wet suit-forgetting incidents. All sports … Keep reading