The past couple of weeks have been wrought with travelling for work. This makes it slightly difficult to keep a steady training schedule. So I have found myself kind of binge working out. Some days I’ll do all of the workouts I want while other times I feel completely worn out from driving and meetings that I just don’t want to do anything but eat peanut butter toast. However, I think that I’ve done pretty good lately. Last Monday I was in Regina and used the stationary bike for a good 35 minutes while watching some really bad television. The … Keep reading

Let the Countdown Begin

At 3:30 today, it was at least 30oC (close to 40 with the humidex) and the wind was strong (26 to 37km/hr), but I made sure to get on my bike and get in a ride. Ironman is less than a month away and I know that I should be tapering, but I’m not quite ready. Well, maybe I already am, but it’s mostly by accident. There are many things going on with me right now and it is inhibiting my training in a major way. However, I still feel ready for the race and can’t wait for August 26th … Keep reading

Recovering is so much fun!

Last week was my recovery week from the Half IM and I have to admit that I loved every minute of it! I slept in, went for walks, and biked slowly to work. I went to a concert and I watched movies with my family. It was glorious! At the same time, I feel even more inspired to continue the building period of my training. So this week has been about getting back into the swing of training. It’s funny how I miss something only when I haven’t done it in a while. I’ve also changed my schedule to include … Keep reading

Long rides are great!

Friday night I was lame. All of my friends were out dancing and I was at home sulking at the fact that I was getting up at 6am to go riding. I love it and hate it at the same time. On Saturday morning at 6:30am there is almost no traffic, the sun was shining, the air was a little nippy, but it felt good. I did a good 70km at a good pace:Distance: 69.65kmTime: 2:46:47Avg speed: 25.1km/hrMax: 39.9We had a head- to cross-wind coming back, but I had a ride back to the city which was nice. I used … Keep reading


I find that balancing my home life with my work life with my training life to be the most difficult part of training. It is a kind of training in itself. This weekend was a long weekend and I had big plans of a long road ride and a long run. Well, I guess 1 of 2 is good. It probably just wasn’t the right “one.” I went for a longish run yesterday (Monday):9 minutes running:1 minute walking for 8km in 1:02It felt pretty good, despite the down-pouring rain. I wore headphones for part of it, just to get me … Keep reading

A quick update

The holidays were great for my mind and soul, but bad for my training. It comes as no surprise, really. So last week I started getting back into it with some walk-runs and short bike rides. This week is building on that and next week I will be in full swing. Here is what it looked like:Monday: short run-walk, bike to workTuesday: 4km run-walk, bike to work + 40km bike rideThursday: 5km run-walk, bike to work + mountain bike riding (climbing and descending)Friday: yoga and bike to workSunday: longish run-walk (8km) I’m hoping to find a way to incorporate my … Keep reading

Going Long

I can’t believe it has been so long since I updated. Sometimes blogging just slips my mind. Easter weekend was basically a write-off. Between family, moving, and relaxing, training was minimal. I did do a lot of lifting and reaching – I’m sure that can be counted as weight training. I did go on some long walks with my partner and my family’s dog, but it was really cold that weekend and it was Easter. A good time for some time off. The week after Easter was crazy. I did do some biking on my trainer, but I have been … Keep reading

Getting Rhythm

After a couple of weeks of being on the road, I am finally settling back into my training rhythm. I’ve been swimming twice a week, about 3500m in 1 hour and 15 minutes, with the Masters’ swim club. I have not gotten any heartburn since I started swimming in the morning. It must be an evening thing. I’ve been trying to bike to work as much as my schedule will allow it. On Tuesday I biked with the tri club for the first time since the new year. It was pretty great. We did two zone 4 intervals: the first … Keep reading

Another week in review

I am really starting to get back into training, which means that I’ll be updating more often from now on. Last week, I was on the road with work. Luckily, there was a gym in the hotel I was staying at so I worked out every day I was there. I didn’t do a lot, but it was better than nothing! On Saturday, I did an hour on my trainer at home while watching some Sex and the City. I’m hoping to increase the time on my trainer from now until spring, which is April 1st according to my personal … Keep reading

Life gets in the way of training sometimes, but I persist!

On Tuesday I went for a quick 4km run and did it in under half an hour. That is about race-pace for me at this time. It felt good and I felt great. This week has been brutal for traveling for work, thus making training very difficult. However, with the help of my new special friend, I have been pushing through. On Friday, I hit the pool for my second swim workout of the week. We focused a lot on freestyle, which, of course, is what I prefer to work on. In total, I did 2100m in about 1 hour. … Keep reading