Why did you become vegan?

I have answered this question about a million times since 2002, the year I went vegan. There are many reasons why a person becomes vegan, from animal rights to health as being the most common.

My reasons aren’t any one thing and it honestly does change from time-to-time. The reason I went vegetarian was for environmental reasons. I went vegan for the same reason. Once I went vegan I realized that I had some sort of lactose intolerance. I haven’t been tested, but for my whole life up to that point I got sick after every meal. My childhood was filled with doctors appointments and illnesses from colds, stomach aches, and even high cholesterol.

When I was 18 years old the doctors wanted to put me on cholesterol-lowering medication. I refused because it was completely ridiculous. After I went vegan my cholesterol got into the normal range and I stopped getting sick. To be perfectly honest I do have some stomach issues that haven’t been resolved. My faith in the medical system is not the greatest and I do a lot of experimentation in my life.

Health is the reason I remain vegan. It just feels better. However, it also lines up with my personal philosophy around all animals being equal. I personally don’t agree with treating animals like commodities and our current agricultural system, especially with animals, is flawed, unsustainable, unfair, and unjust.


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