Water, Water, Everywhere, not a drop to drink… only to swim in!

I have really been focusing on my swim for the past couple of months. I’ve always considered it to be my weakness because I use my legs a lot and have little upper body strength. However, with my coaches help, I’ve been increasing my strength through calisthenic exercises and through freestyle pulling. With my foot being sore (but is healing now!) and my trainer not being appealing, the swim is all I’ve had until now. However, it is now nice enough to bike outside, which is exactly what I’ll be doing next week. I’m so excited to get out onto … Keep reading


Last week I had a familiar feeling in my foot – a bad familiar feeling. A feeling of pain. A feeling not unlike the pain I had last summer after Ironman, but even before that I felt it a few years back when I was a young triathlete. A young triathlete who over-trained and got a stress fracture in her foot. It was a long and arduous recovery process. I didn’t run for 4 months, but I sure did swim and bike! However, last week I felt a similar pang. It was in a different spot and the pain was … Keep reading