Late-night swim sessions

While Wednesday was technically an “off” day for me, I ended up biking about 15 kilometres commuting, so I’ll count that as a light bike workout. :o)

This morning I did a 5km run with some short intervals in the middle. It felt good to get back to running after not running for about a week. Tonight was a late-night swim session with the Tri Club and it was pretty good:
200 warmup
4 x 50m, kick/swim
4 x 50m, drill/swim
4 x – 150m free
– 50m nonfree
– 50m fast free
– 50m easy nonfree
4 x 50m, kick/swim
4 x 50m, drill/swim
200m cooldown

Today I ran into a fellow Saskatoonian who’s going to do Ironman next year. She got an online coach, which she says she likes. It’s easier to tell them what she hasn’t done. :o) I don’t know, I like the fact that I can call my coach and have a chat with her. I’m feeling very motivated right now, which is different from yesterday when I wasn’t feeling motivated at all. Having a day off work to organize my life was a good thing.

Another Saskatoon triathlete is doing Kona next weekend. He qualified at Ironman Canada, which is awesome. I can’t think of a nicer guy to cheer on. I’m definitely going to be watching it live online. I wonder if some triathletes are getting together to watch it on the small-screen. If so, I’d love to be part of that. Perhaps people could come to my house to watch it. I’m kind of set up for that sort of thing.

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