Racing the sun

I feel like when I go for bike rides, I’m racing with the sun to see who gets home before who. Tonight, the sun won. It really is dangerous to bike after dark, so I try to avoid it, but it gets dark by 7:00. So I try to go faster and faster so that I can get in a little bike ride before the snow starts to fly instead of the leaves.

Distance: 26.82km
Ride time: 1:01:49
Average speed: 26.03km/hr
Max speed: 53.8km/hr

I felt awesome on the ride. Besides the wind blowing in my sore ear, it was awesome. I brought headphones just so that I could use them to block the wind – I’ve come to dislike riding and listening to music – it distracts me from my pedal stroke. The tops of my thighs were still a little sore, but they are definitely getting better. Note to self: stretch better before sprinting to avoid DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

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