I just kept on running…

So I have been biking to and from work, but I haven’t hit the pool in a couple of weeks. I need a new swimsuit and I don’t want to use my other one. It’s not so much about looks as much as it is about logistics and comfort. However, I’ve been running a lot. In fact, it’s what is keeping me going.

I ran everyday from Thursday to Sunday. Thursday and Friday were short runs that I could barely fit into my busy full-time life. On Saturday, I decided that I wanted to take “the plunge” and break 10km. So I did. It was slow-going and my ankle started to hurt at the end. That is always the first sign that I need new shoes, so I might go tomorrow and pick some up. Then yesterday, on Sunday I went to the tri club’s coached session. After a good warm-up, including some accels, I did 2 sets of 4x400m at 26 second 100s. Then we did our hurdle workout, which was so hard. My hamstrings and glutes are super sore, so I did some yoga this morning to stretch it out.

Biking outside has been extremely fun because it’s so warm! I mean, right now it’s 0 degrees C… that means that biking to work has been a treat instead of a burden. In a way I kind of hope it stays like this. I still haven’t put my bike on the trainer… I’m basically avoiding it because I hate it so much, but I definitely have to change my attitude towards it. I have to LEARN to love it!

Tomorrow I wanted to bike with the tri club, but I have a meeting. So I’ll try to get the bike on the trainer tonight so that it’s ready to go tomorrow after the meeting. Fun times will be had… I hope!

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