My coach is awesome!

This morning I didn’t lift weights and tonight I didn’t go swimming. There are scheduling issues that I’m trying to work out… not to mention motivation issues. Also, there is a snow storm that is hindering my love of cycling outdoors.

So I called my coach. I have been kind of “beside myself” lately with my lack of motivation and scheduling difficulties. However, she was great. My training is not imperative right now and I have lots of time to get the kinks worked out. In later months, I will definitely have to put in my time, but for now enjoying the workouts and getting a schedule that works for me.

But one thing that IS working for me is yoga!!! Wow, thank goodness for yoga. I’m still sore from badminton and it’s because of yoga that I’m not walking with a limp. Not only that, but it grounds me in the day. I start my day and week off in a positive manner and that, to me, is the best thing I could do for myself.

Also, even though I’m not training as much as I could be, I’m still biking everywhere and running 3 times a week. So I still have a good fitness base.

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