A much-needed update!

Wow, I haven’t updated for a few days. It’s been an emotional little while with a loss of a friend. However, I’ve still been training.

On Saturday, I did my first long run in a really long time. I ran with a couple of friends for a 12km run. It felt good, but hard at the same time. My left ankle started hurting about 10km in for no real reason. It is totally fine now, so I don’t know what the deal was. My chiropractor cracked it and said there wasn’t really much in it, so I think it might have just been my body being like “What, exactly, do you think you’re doing right now?” So I’ll have to increase my mileage slowly, 10% max.

On Monday I did some yoga and not much else. Today, though, I ran this morning for a good 4km in about 25 minutes. That’s a pretty good pace for me at this point in the season. This evening I did a 45-minute easy bike ride on my trainer. I’ve found that doing an easy spin is awesome while accompanied by chatting to friends on the phone. I’m going to get a headset tomorrow so that I can keep doing that. It is definitely motivating.

My non-training activities are also going well. Yoga is great and keeps me limber. I can now do 12 full-length push-ups. And I am learning lots of new songs on the guitar, which makes me happy. My goal for December is to sustain the aerobic capacity that I’ve built and not lose it too much over the holidays. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I’m excited to get back into it in January. Now that I have my schedule all set up.

Also, I really hope to get vegantriathlete.com up and running in January. I think I’m going to try to design it myself. That’s my holiday project. :o)

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