A week is a long time

I started my bike workout today thinking it would be a piece of cake. 1 hour?! No problem! However, about halfway through the workout, my legs were really fatigued. “What is going on?” I asked myself. Then I remembered that I haven’t even been on a bike in a week. A whole week! Usually I am on a bike at least twice a day. Usually more. But once a year I am forced to take time away from my bikes and that is at Christmas. Maybe that’s the real reason why I don’t like Christmas. My workout today was supposed to be a brick workout with a 25-minute run after my bike ride, but I couldn’t do it. I forced myself to push through the bike workout, but I couldn’t go for a run. I did some core strengthening and push-ups, which I have also lost a lot of. At one point over the last month, I could do 14 full-length push-ups and today I struggled through 4 full-length and 16 knee push-ups. I guess it can be lost very quickly. So here are my “stats”:
Time: 1:01
In zone: 45 minutes
Average HR: 129 (how embarassing!)

I guess it’ll just take a bit of time to get up to par and I’m sure it didn’t help that I haven’t eaten much today. Tomorrow I hope to hit the pool, but I might not be able to due to travelling and visiting.

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