Confessions of a vegan triathlete

It’s true. It is confession time.
I love to watch The O.C. It is my guilty pleasure. I don’t even watch t.v. normally, but I have been addicted to this show for many years now and since it doesn’t hurt me that much, I accept it as a weakness. So what does this have to do with training?

I find it really hard to gear myself up to get on my bike trainer. REALLY HARD. I hate biking in one spot and not going anywhere. It is so boring. So the way I get myself to get on my bike (as of tonight) is to promise myself The O.C. So I watch old episodes and new episodes and it really helps me through the workout.

Tonight, for instance, I watched 2 episodes commercial-free for a total of 1:30 on the bike at a HR of 135bpm. [I was supposed to do some HR testing, but I couldn’t find my HRM when I needed it. Turns out it was on my bike… figures. So I’ll do it on Monday.]

This week was kind of a crap-shoot. On Wednesday and Thursday I was travelling and didn’t get a chance to workout and Friday I was recovering. Then I fell off my bike because of the icy roads on Friday afternoon. Thank goodness for chiropractors working on Saturdays.

Tomorrow is a heavy day with me hitting the pool in the morning and then running in the evening. Good times. It’s so cold here that I’m not running outside. I’ve set my lower limit at -20 with the windchill. Right now it’s -26 (-36 with the windchill). We live in a crazy place.

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