Heavy day

Today I had a heavy day of training. At lunch, I ran 40 minutes and just over 3 miles (our treadmill is in miles for some reason) and did intervals within that. It felt good, but kind of boring. I really need to get a poster to put up in front of the treadmill. Maybe I could learn a language or something. Our treadmill is in the middle of the office and everyone is amazed at my training and such. So they always come in to see what incline I’m set at and what speed I’m at. I like to think that I’m helping to motivate others. One of my coworkers is actually going to start running because of me. She’s starting out at 4.5 minutes walking and 30 seconds running. I think it’s a start! Right now we just have the treadmill on loan, but it looks like we’re going to keep it (I bet that’s what the fitness store thought would happen!). That is very good for me because that means that I can train in the very cold weather without having to join a gym! Awesome!

Tonight I went to our coached triathlon club bike session. It was pretty good. We did intervals at HRZ 4, but I didn’t actually go that hard because of the testing I did yesterday. Our session went like this:
10 minutes warm-up, dynamic stretching
4 x 2-minute intervals with 1 minute rest in between
5 minute rest
4 x 2-minute intervals with 1 minute rest in between
10 minutes cool-down
Abs circuits (do twice):
* plank hover with alternate leg lifts (hold for 2 secs) (8 seconds – 2 for each leg)
* bum raises (30 seconds)
* side plank left (30 seconds)
+ side plank right (30s)
+ bridges (30s)
+ bicycle (30s)
Ball circuits (also do twice):
* crunchies (30s)
* Russian twists (30s)
* froggies (These kill so bad) (30s)
+ rollout on ball (20 seconds)
+ plank on ball (2 reps at 10 seconds each)

All-in-all, I feel good. But legs are killing me right now. My thighs are still sore from Sunday. It’s a good thing that I have a day off tomorrow. Thank goodness!

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