In pain there is truth?

If this “saying” is true, then I just felt a whole lot of truth. This week is Testing Week! And everybody loves tests, right? Actually it wasn’t that bad, which makes me think I should have pushed harder. A kudos goes out to my roomate for being my timer. This is to test my HR, I believe. So I went 8 minutes as hard as I could and at each minute, I told my timer what my HR was. It went like this:
warm-up for 10 minutes
1 minute: 164
2 minutes: 165
3 minutes: 165
4 minutes: 164
5 minutes: 165
6 minutes: 164
7 minutes: 164
8 minutes: 165
10 minute cool-down
1 minute: 162
2 minutes: 159
3 minutes: 164
4 minutes: 164
5 minutes: 164
6 minutes: 164
7 minutes: 165
8 minutes:170
15 minutes cool-down

The last minute really really hurt, but I feel great now! That’s the best thing of workouts… feeling so great afterwards.

My thighs are a bit sore from the running intervals yesterday, but mostly I feel pretty good. Yoga this morning really helped stretch everything out. My lower back is still a bit tight, but I’m going to go to the chiro again this week. Hopefully that’ll straighten things out again.

My body actually feels really good right now, all-in-all. I’m feeling very strong. Winter training is so weird. I have no idea what my distances are like because I haven’t run outside in so long and my trainer isn’t set up with distance. And even if it was, it wouldn’t be exactly like it is riding outside in the elements. Mother Nature is so non-forgiving – the wind, the sun, the rain… all of them coming down on you as you try to get a workout in. I can’t wait for spring! Only 18 more weeks to spring! And 38 weeks to Ironman! Let the countdown begin!!!

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