Run run running!

Yesterday was my day off. My hamstrings were still a bit sore, so that was good. I didn’t do a lot of anything, except walking around trying to get Christmas shopping done. This is what I have found to be most difficult: juggling work, training, AND getting ready for Christmas. Really, it’s ridiculous! I’m so exhausted and I’m not even training as hard as I could/should be.

So I took this morning off of work and went for a run. It seemed really early, but really it was only 7:30. I did a good 6km and then did yoga. That’s 3 times this week. Nice! I did some walking around again for Christmas shopping. Tonight I’m going to make cookies and maybe chill out. I’m exhausted, but Christmas parties are everywhere. It only happens once a year, but I’m TIRED! Juggling is hard to do.

Next week is going to be fairly chill in terms of training, but I am going to run as much as possible. We also might do some skiing and tobogganing, which will be fun and physically stimulating. And some skating too! I love winter activities! This is the good part about Christmas… doing winter activities with one’s family.

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