Happy New Year!

2007 is definitely going to be one for the books with Ironman, marathon, biking, and lots of training! I’m excited to train hard and be prepared for this year’s triathlon season.

This morning I went on my new year ritual run solo-style. It felt good running today. I really like new beginnings and I look forward to this year being a good one. Last night I kind of had a crap time, but I came home and thought about this year being the year of training and Ironman for me. I look forward to being in the best shape of my life going into this summer. And also to enjoy every moment of training (well, maybe not EVERY moment!) that I can. I am super excited to start my log book and track my training. Now THAT is exciting! Yes, I’m a nerd and I’m okay with it. :o)

Also, I did a good one-hour session of yoga and I feel so good doing that. I am definitely going to continue with yoga in my training and life. There are so many benefits to doing it. I wonder if it helps to prevent injuries.

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