My achilles heel is my achilles heel

So now I’m healthy in the sinus/lungs department, but I irritated my achilles heel dancing like a crazy person at a concert I went to (I considered it a workout!). On the advise of my coach, I am holding back on training because a small problem with an achilles can turn into a big one. I am so antsy to get out running and biking, but I am holding tight and enjoying the extra time I have right now. I’m putting it to good use getting to know new people in my life and re-connecting with already-established people in my life. It is going to be hard to train in the next couple of weeks because work is going to be crazy busy, but I should be able to get in all my swim sessions and run sessions. The bike will have to hold tight. I borrowed a cool video from my friend, which will keep me company on my trainer!

I can’t wait to be training so much that I’ll be updating this blog all the time! Soon, soon.

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