Days off just feel good.

Getting back into training is really hard on my body. I never really realized it before. I guess it’s because I don’t usually stop training once I start, but two colds in the last 3 months have really kicked my butt. So I’m really trying to get back into biking to work everyday, training on top of that, working hard at work, and having an active social life. I have come to realize that I may just burn out and that is exactly why it is important that I have days off like today.

Wednesdays are mixed for me. I am up at 5am (or 5:09 after I press snooze on my alarm clock) to do my radio show at 6. It’s a lot of work and dedication, but I love it. It energizes me, at least for the morning. I have been driving to my show, which makes the whole thing more enjoyable because then I don’t have to worry about clothing to wear while I’m biking, music that I want to play, and anything I need to take to the office. This way I load my car and away I go. It also saves me a lot of energy, which is what Wednesdays are all about for me right now. I get to catch up on my protein and iron.

Yesterday I felt extremely weak after biking home from work and this is what I’ve been experiencing for the past few days. I was craving greens and made a huge salad. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’m getting enough iron these days or if my body is just in a period of adjustment to new schedules and immense, intense exercising. I’m going to give my body until the end of next week and if nothing happens, I’m going to go get my vitamin and mineral levels tested, go to the naturopath, and see if there’s something else I can do.

Basically, I’m really happy for my day off today.

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