Like a dolphin!

Last night I had an event for work, which included supper. The staff did “all right” accommodating for me. However, think of this scenario:
A room full of “the good ol’ boys” club of agrologists (ie. fairly conservative farms who all have trucks and absolutely LOVE their Canadian beef) mingling with alcohol and talk of the disappearing family farm. The announcer then asks the TWO people who requested vegan or vegetarian meals to please raise their hands. I am not usually meek about my diet, but I did not want to raise my hand. I’m not sure if lynching is outlawed for herbivores! So I felt a little silly after that, having had everyone judge me based on my choice of diet. However, I went on as if nothing happened and I got my food first.

The staff then brought out this TINY bit of couscous with some tofu on top of it. I have to admit the tofu was very tasty (apparently much more tasty than the salmon that everyone else ate), but there just wasn’t enough. I even loaded up on salad and veggies from the buffet. Plain and simply there was not enough protein to fuel my ever-increasing training. However, there was not much I could do about it. I got home after 9:30 from the boring-ass meeting and bedtime these days is 10:00 in order to easily facilitate the 6:00 wake-up time.

So I went to bed hungry and got up hungry. I didn’t eat until after swimming, which is probably why I felt so sluggish in the pool. Actually, sluggish doesn’t quite describe it. It was more like I felt completely unmotivated to keep up with my lane-mates. So I lagged behind and barely pushed hard enough to breathe hard at the end of a lap. I did slug out about 2900m, but I didn’t even feel like I had worked out by the end of it. It could also be that my muscles just aren’t where my lungs are, in terms of endurance.

Tomorrow is my first race of the season – a short indoor triathlon. The weather is supposed to be beautiful so I can’t help but feel tempted to just skip it and do my own duathlon outside, but I helped to organize it so I can’t really bail even if I wanted to. It should be fun anyway. It’s always a nice reunion of the triathlon community. I am going to eat so much food tonight! Here I come with carbo-loading and lots of protein!

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