Raw veganism has been an idea that has stumped me for a while. Maybe it’s the fact that I love my cooked carbs and figure that it’s enough. However, in the past month I have had a couple of very intense conversations with people about the raw vegan diet. With my anxiety acting up more than ever, I find myself drawn to the simplicity of the raw food/vegan lifestyle. I keep hearing about how great it feels and I can’t help but want to try it.

However, warnings keep sounding in my head about how I would be able to get the 90g of protein per day required for my training. I would have to eat a LOT of nuts and hemp seeds to make that happen. I have been thinking, though, that incorporating raw foods into my diet slowly might work for now as I make my way to Ironman. So I took the liberty at contacting my local bookstore and getting the books ordered. They won’t be here for a couple of weeks, but it’s better on my conscience than ordering it from Amazon.

Raw Food, Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow was recommended to me by my former roommate, Heather, who is trying to be mostly raw and absolutely loves it. I believe her since I’ve heard this numerous times from numerous people. I’ve also been part of a Raw Vegan Community on LiveJournal for almost 2 years now.

The Complete Book of Raw Food is the other book I ordered. I’m excited about having a good base for learning about preparation and that sort of thing.

I also found a great blog called Raw Food, Right Now. These people are very inspiring and committed to the raw food lifestyle.

I like trying things out to see how it works. I’m not sure how it will work as an athlete, but I guess I’ll find out!

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