Lately I have become a cooking fool! I have accumulated more cookbooks and am trying out new recipes all the time. It is partially because I am the main cook in our household now and I am also the main grocery buyer. This makes me quite happy in a way. Here is what our meals look like this week:

– tofu scramble with tofu, veggies, and toast (brunch)
– samosas (snack)
– Green Goddess (from reFresh): broccoli, bok choy, kale, swiss chard, soba noodles, tamari sauce, tahini sauce, ginger

– smoothie with pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, 1 banana, frozen fruit, soy milk, hemp oil, and hemp seeds
– oatmeal with apples, sunflower seeds, soy milk, ground flax seeds, soy milk, organic maple syrup

– leftovers from the night before

– African sweet potato and peanut stew with kidney beans and rice
– Lentil curry with coconut milk and peas and rice
– Pasta with tofu and garlic toast
– Tortilla chips with hummus and salsa (as a snack)

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