Testing, Testing… is this thing on?

This is my first week of testing and I have to say… it hurts. A lot.

This morning I did three intervals: 200m, 800m, and 1500m. I thought I was going to die after sprinting for 200m and it scared me for the other two. My lungs burned and my legs felt like bricks after the first 100m. I thought I was going to puke, but luckily I did not. That would have really ruined the rest of the workout. My running buddy was all optimistic and reminded me how great it will feel after I’ve been training for a while. “I guess so,” was my reply. The 800m and 1500m actually weren’t that bad, which makes me think that I didn’t push myself 100%, but the 200m really did really hurt. Oh well, here are my times:
200m in 0:48, rest for 5′
800m in 4:40, rest for 10′
1500m in 9:10

Yesterday was my swim test. It was weird to sit in the pool for so long while resting. I felt like I was pruning! Here were my results:
100m in 1:40, rest for 5′
300m in 5:35, rest for 10′
600m in 10:45

The rest of the workout was evil on the part of my coach… I wasn’t allowed to do freestyle. It was weird doing 500m of back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, side stroke, and whatever else I could come up with.

I just have one more test to do this week: the dreaded bike. Luckily, I have a treat to bribe myself with!

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