The “Farmer’s Snot”

While commuting to work by bicycle, it occurred to me that I have accumulated a skill I never even thought about as an actual skill before: the “farmer’s snot.” Apparently, in some places they call it the farmer’s blow, but it all means the same thing: A farmer’s snot is blowing one’s nose onto the ground by plugging one nostril and blowing the other one as hard as you can; then one repeats this with the other nostril. The result is barely any snot left at all – just enough to wipe on the back of one’s hand/bike glove (in this case).

Today on my commute, I practiced this skill many times and discovered I could do it almost perfectly, all while riding precariously on icy roads. Now that is skill, my friends!

According to my friend, Wikipedia:

During cold weather, the cilia which normally sweep mucus away from the nostrils and towards the back of the throat (see respiratory epithelium) become sluggish or completely cease functioning. This results in mucus running down the nose and dripping (a runny nose). Mucus also thickens in cold weather; when an individual comes in from the cold, the mucus thaws and begins to run before the cilia begin to work again.

I thought this was all very good to know as I always wondered why my nose ran so much when it was cold, and since my nose runs a lot anyway when I bike, it runs even more when it is cold out. Imagine something that runs so much and never gets anywhere! 🙂

Tonight I have committed to myself that I am going to get on my trainer for at least an hour – that’s two episodes of Sex and the City. I am also going to do some yoga as well. I’m officially back on the wagon!

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  • March 5, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Ha, ha! I laughed out loud at this – I’ve to resort to the “snot rocket” (as I call it) a few times, but I have varying degrees of success with it! I LOVE the new website, Crystal. I can’t wait to see more 🙂


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