Guilty as Charged

I have a confession… I have been a very bad vegan. My meals for the past month (on and off) have been based on the speed that they are made as opposed to their nutrition. This has had an effect on my training because when I don’t eat properly, my legs get very tired very quickly. So this is me committing to myself and the world that I will start to eat healthier meals starting NOW. No more pieces of toast with peanut butter for breakfast and lunch, cereal with soy milk for supper, soy ice cream after supper, and Clif bars to replace lunch. Instead, I commit to making more meals at home and eating the leftovers for lunch. I commit to oatmeal with hemp and flax seeds in the morning, more green leafy vegetables (which I love!), and more quinoa and rice with beans.

Every once in a while this happens… I get busy and out of the habit of cooking. All it takes is me making a commitment to myself to eat healthier and I will. This starts today, right now, this very moment! Tomorrow I am throwing a vegan potluck and it is going to be very fun; I am making vegan pizza and a curry; I will take and put up pictures of the food. It will be inspiring and will make the fact that we are getting a ton of snow not seem so bad. Hopefully.

I am making this commitment because I skipped another workout in lieu of work and errands and a seemingly endless amount of tasks to do in a day. It will slow down because I choose for it to.

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