Since triathlon is a multi-sport, it’s no wonder that it draws people in that are proficient multi-taskers. This is definitely one of the reasons that I became hooked on this sport – not getting bored just training in one sport and when injured being able to do a different sport more. However, the past 4 weeks have involved more multi-tasking than even I, a seasoned multi-tasker, is comfortable with.  Unfortunately, because triathlon is my hobby that I do in my spare time, it has taken a bit of a back seat to a high quantity of hours traveling for work, planning to get a new puppy, planning and attending a conference (which included meeting some who I have a great deal of respect for), spending quality time with family members (including going to a wedding), and keeping up my personal relationships.

In the past few weeks, all I’ve had time to do is 2-3 swim sessions a week, one bike session (there is more on that later), and I’ve just started back to running for short amounts of time due to my foot injury. That being said, I foresee my job becoming less busy and more manageable (ie. less stressful) and spending more time training.

I’m very excited to finally be able to bike outside these days. It has only been the last week that we have really had weather that was conducive to riding outside. Up until now, it has been too wet or cold and I really don’t have the gear to deal with that… yet. A couple of weeks ago I started helping lead one of the bike sessions to a women’s beginner triathlon group called Just Tri It. I co-lead the advanced group and it is so inspiring to introduce these girls to the sport I love so much. It is awesome to pass on my words of wisdom from being a sort-of-seasoned triathlete. This week is most of their first multi-sport race – a short duathlon. I am going to volunteer at the event and hopefully be able to help them set up transition areas and calm their nerves before they set off on their race. I’m so excited for all of them!

I was planning to do an actual road ride outside this weekend, but the forecast calls for snow. So I will do my best at convincing myself that getting on the trainer is the best idea, but honestly, I’d rather bike in a blizzard for 5 hours than sit on my trainer in my basement for half an hour, even if Sex and the City is on. However, it might be my best option this weekend.

I realize that I have been neglecting this blog since I changed over from blogspot, but I’m working on it. Hopefully as I get more time at home, I’ll be able to update more. Sometimes it seems like I have a lot of blogs to update, but this one should be the first one to be updated. I’ll work on that.

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