After a long rest, I’m back!

I was just thinking today as I was biking to work that moving has to be the hardest thing on a person who trains for triathlon (and probably everyone else). This morning I went on my first run since moving and the Half Ironman. Discovering a new neighbourhood and establishing new routes is not an easy thing to do, but it sure is fun! I had lived in the same area for years, so my routes never changed. I knew how long they should take me on a good or bad day and I knew exactly how long they were, but these new routes are uncertain to me… foreign territory. And now that I have a dog to go along with it, it’s been a big adjustment. However, this morning’s run was a lot of fun. I discovered a route along the river and both Clifford (my 5 month old puppy) and I enjoyed ourselves. Because Clifford is still just a “wee” pup (he’s actually quite large) and I am just coming off of an injury and am not 100%, we didn’t go for very long and intermingled running with walking and stretching. I definitely look forward to longer runs along that same route… and because my old routes aren’t too far away, I’ll be going to those for longer runs.

This weekend I went on a Saturday morning ride with my training buddies. We were supposed to meet at 6:30am, but I didn’t leave my house until 6:15 for my half hour ride to our meeting spot. I was worried they would have left without me, but they waited! This is why I love training buddies and mine are especially awesome. We went on a pretty good ride, but I turned around early due to running out of time and food. I also didn’t want to push it too hard on my first long ride after the half. It turned out to be a 72km ride in 2:53, which was pretty awesome.

Last Thursday I returned to my mountain bike club and went for an awesome cross-country ride with the gals. It was exactly what I needed and I’m committed to going for the rest of the summer. Mountain biking and cross-country skiing are my favorite activities that I do just for fun.

Last night my raw food group got together and we had another potluck. Thanks to them, I got to have raw food leftovers for my lunch today and it was GREAT! I am going to try to have raw suppers all this week, but realistically it will be 2-3 nights.

So now that things are starting to settle into place, I am in full swing for my triathlon in merely 2 weeks away. I won’t be in top-notch shape, but I’ll finish… and with my knee/hip/back injury, that’s a good thing.

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