High Expectations

For the past few years, my attitude going into a race is “Just do my best and finish.” This year, however, I have set some goals and I have worked towards them with a more regimented schedule than I have ever had before, thanks to my coach and buddy Dan. This weekend is my A-Race: the Great White North Half Ironman Triathlon and I have high hopes for my times and goals.

A few weeks ago I had the swim of my life at a local race and I would like to do that again. At Spin off Spadina, I took 9 minutes off of my PB swim time. I hope to take more than that off for this one (more like 13). I would also like to take about 10 minutes off of the bike. The run is where things will get challenging because of my knee problems. I’m working on icing and massaging my IT band. I think that if I do a 9:1 running schedule, I should be able to make it in the 2:30 that I did last year. All told, I want to take off 33 minutes off of my previous Half IM PB. I know that it doesn’t add up, but if I have a good day it is possible. In actuality, I will be happy with anything under 6:30, but closer to 6:00 would be great. That being said, if my knee is killer sore and I have to walk the whole half marathon, obviously all of my goals are going out the window and my goal will go back to “just” finishing. I’ll be very happy to have my partner in crime taking pictures and taking care of the dog while I’m out there… and of course, meeting me at the finish line. :o)

Previous years, plus my high goals:

Year Total Time Swim Bike w/transition Run
2005 6:41:02 44:43 3:26:23 2:29:56
2007 6:32:59 43:49 3:15:39 2:33:32
2008 6:00:00 34:00 3:00:00 2:26:00

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