Coach’s advice

I had a meeting with my coach on Wednesday about the GWN Half IM and about this weekend’s race. Basically, he told me to go out this weekend and push as hard as I can on the swim and bike. Ie. To race like there is no run. I’m kind of excited for it, actually. It’s been a while since I pushed myself hard just to see what happens. My training hasn’t been super stellar, so I don’t expect a PB or anything, but it’ll be fun! Although, it will also hurt at the time. Maybe I’ll get a good post-race high, though. I just hope that my knee won’t hurt, which I’m sure it won’t. I have been running more regularly and it hasn’t once even twinged in pain. My massage therapist worked on me the other day and my right hip and lower back are doing much better than they were before. I must have injured myself this spring without even realizing it, or something. The rest has definitely been helping, along with the support from my body crew (massage therapist and chiropractor).

Also, I’m going to stick with this particular coach for my Ironman hopes. I’m taking most of September off and then it’s back to light, but long training. It’s only the beginning! Ironman part deux, here I come!

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